Farley Nuclear Plant

Project Overview

The Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant, located near Dothan in southeast Alabama, is owned by Alabama Power and operated by Southern Nuclear. The project investigation consisted of subsurface concerns in the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) pad area. Spent fuel storage containers are transported by a track mounted 4-point lift system with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 570,000 lbs. with a contact pressure of 50 PSI. The hazardous materials being transported made the remediation and maintenance recommendations critical to the project and the plant’s safety.

Subsurface Investigation

BECC performed a subsurface evaluation in the ISFSI pad area. Plant access created a unique challenge in limiting the type and size of equipment available. Hand auger soil borings and Dynamic Cone Penetration Tests were used to evaluate the soil properties and strength. All equipment was tested for safe radiation levels before both entering and leaving the plant.

Conclusions and Recommendations 

BECC determined there were significant signs of aging (loose surface, segregation, vegetation) in the ISFSI pad area. The information gathered during the subsurface evaluation was used to determine in place density in all locations of concern. A pavement design was calculated and a moisture conditioning and recompaction maintenance plan was created.