NCBC Soil Stabilization – Environmental Engineering & CMT

In 2015, BECC performed work on the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport, Mississippi. BECC, as part of a team, worked to remediate a large storage area that had been contaminated by the agent orange chemical. The Department of the Navy tasked our team with engineering and executing a design to convert the field into a temporary parking area while stabilizing the chemical hazard.

Work Performed 

The team performed a soil stabilization to the storage area. Portland cement and water were added to the top 14 inches of soil, forming a soil cement top layer. A Soiltac layer was added to complete the seal. In order to ensure pad integrity and allow for parking and other traffic in the area, BECC designed and implemented a quality control plan. 

BECC performed onsite laboratory and field testing for the existing soil and soil cement. Using proctor and moisture testing results, BECC defined an optimum moisture range, curing and compacting schedule, compaction specifications, and compressive strength minimum values for molded in place soil cement test specimens and extracted soil cement cores. BECC also performed all field density and laboratory compressive strength testing and reporting.

Project Scope 

  • Stabilized area- 8 acres
  • Award- American Council of Engineering Companies Mississippi Grand Award