Venue at the ballpark

BECC has extensive experience working on a variety of construction projects throughout the nation. These are a few notable recent vertical construction projects.

The Venue at the Ballpark: The Venue at the Ballpark was a 7-level condominium development overlooking a recently constructed professional baseball park. The subsurface conditions created unique challenges for the foundation. Testing and inspection for The Venue included:

  • Continuous observation for the installation of micropiles and driven piles
  • Soil Density
  • Concrete
  • Reinforced Masonry
  • Evaluation of potentially hazardous materials in the subsurface
  • Sinkhole Remediation
  • Post-tension cables
  • Gypsum Concrete
  • Special Inspections (welds, wood framing, reinforced steel)

The Venue at the Ballpark is a 255-unit luxury condominium development in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. The facility consists of five stories of wood framing over two stories of concrete parking. The Venue is built in a 1.8-acre site consisting of pinnacle rock formations. This challenge made the foundation design critical to the project.

Subsurface Investigation

The Venue is located along a contact between the Ketona Dolomite formation and the Conasauga Formation. Based on the knowledge that geologic contacts typically result in poor rock quality, BECC performed over 100 air track borings to determine the depths to competent rock throughout the site. BECC complied the results and used 3D mapping software to illustrate the variance of competent rock throughout the site. The picture below illustrates the subsurface beneath the project.

Due to the variance of the of the bedrock beneath the site, BECC developed a foundation plan consisting of micropiles, driven pipe piles, and modified driven piles. The piles ranged in lengths of 13 to 170 feet below the existing ground surface.

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