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We assisted in the geotechnical evaluation by performing the field investigation prior to project start. We also continued our involvement throughout the project by providing Construction Materials Testing (CMT) services including drilled shaft inspections, excavation recommendations for foundation stabilization, soil compaction testing, and concrete testing. Much of the site sub-grade was composed of irregular rock beds and soft soils bridged by deep foundations and structural concrete beams. Much of the project was constructed with 4,000 psi concrete.

Embassy Suites

The project consisted of an 8-story 154 suite hotel near the entertainment district in downtown Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The site preparation consisted of extensive soil excavation including the handling of sensitive historic preservation of buried structures and artifacts, removal of unsuitable materials, and densification of fill material. Foundation included inspection of rammed aggregate pier installation for soil stabilization as well as inspection and testing of concrete for shallow foundations. Concrete testing was also included in the above-ground structural features including elevated slabs, including post-tensioning for the first 4 floors, floor flatness/levelness, and rebar/steel inspection for all floors and structural columns. The project required over 30,000 CY of concrete and steel inspections, including CWI inspections of welds and bold installation and decking.