The Memphis Regional Intermodal Facility is a 320-acre intermodal facility that will handle more than 327,000 shipping containers a year. The paving portion of the project began in February 2012 with the first containers being delivered May 2012. The project was completed in August 2012.

Field Verification

BECC established a field verification process that aided in the quality control of the RCC. BECC performed nuclear density testing on the mat and edge of each paving lane at approximate 50 feet intervals. These tests were performed while the pavement was still plastic to allow the contractor to continue working the material if needed. BECC also collected core and beam specimens from the pavement to ensure that the placed product met the required project specifications.

Field Verification Image.jpg

Project Scope

  • Project Cost – $105 Million
  • Projected Completion Date – August 2012
  • 320 acres, 6 loading tracks, 2,200 parking spaces
  • 65,000 cubic yards of RCC Paving

Laboratory Verification Image.jpg

Laboratory Verification

In the onsite laboratory BECC was able to determine the moisture density relationships for the RCC, and verify that the grain size distribution remained within the project specifications on a daily basis. BECC also determined the compressive strength of the molded and cored RCC specimens, along with determined the flexural strength of the sawn beam specimens.

With large scale projects, BECC is able to perform the required project specification verification testing with a mobile onsite laboratory.