Materials Testing

BECC is nationally known in the area of materials testing and inspection. Our reputation for responsiveness and flexibility enables us to provide these services cost-effectively and in-line with project schedules. BECC is an AASHTO accredited material testing laboratory.

materials testing

Construction Materials Testing Services Offered

In-place Density and Moisture Testing

BECC provides density and moisture testing by both nuclear and sand-cone methods. BECC conducts laboratory testing of fill materials to determine moisture-density relationships, soil plasticity, and other engineering characteristics in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO requirements.

Concrete Testing

BECC performs concrete testing and sampling for control and quality purposes as required by contract specifications. BECC follows ASTM and AASHTO requirements in accordance with FAA/FHWA requirements as applicable. In addition to testing for quality control and quality assurance purposes, BECC can calculate with use of statistical analysis the pay factors as required by the specifications from results of completed tests.

Asphalt Testing

Quality control of hot mix bituminous pavement is necessary to verify quality construction and required by many FAA/FHWA specifications. BECC performed asphaltic testing at the Birmingham International Airport during the 106-hour Runway Shutdown. BECC is an accredited laboratory and follows ASTM and AASHTO procedures in accordance with FAA (P-401), FHWA, and state requirements.

Shotcrete Testing

BECC can provide ASTM C-1018, “Standard Test Method for Flexural Toughness and First-Crack Strength of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (Using Beam with Third-Point Loading) testing for your tunneling, highway, mining, or railway project.

Non-Destructive Testing

Testing of critical welded connections is dependent on the design and level of quality control required. BECC can provide weld testing such as radiographic, magnetic particle (ASTM E 709), liquid penetrant, and ultrasonic (ASTM E 163).