Special Inspection

Our diverse project experience, coupled with our knowledge of design and construction activities, provides us with a unique opportunity to represent the owner in an unbiased manner with no conflict of interest. Whether the special inspection project is a small municipal effort or a large facility, BECC’s resident engineers provide quality administration and inspection services on the owner’s behalf.

Footing And Foundation Inspections

As with any earthwork operation, problems can arise that require geotechnical engineering input. Only qualified special inspection BECC personnel will conduct and approve footing and foundation inspections. Foundations will be inspected for adequacy of bearing material, conformance with specifications with respect to dimensions, and re-bar placement.

Concrete & Re-bar Inspections

Form-work and Re-bar inspections are necessary as the initial step toward a successful concrete placement. Poor quality form-work, including poor design, misplacement, inability to service, or non-plumbness may result in extended costs to the project.

Steel Inspection

Stability of steel structures depends largely on the geometry, bolt/weld connections, and quality of steel being erected. Beginning with fabrication and continuing through erection, BECC offers full-service special inspection steel inspection for any size project.

Roof Inspection

One of the most costly repairs to a project can involve replacing a poor quality roof. Fortunately, BECC has qualified and experienced engineers who can provide consultation and inspection services for your roofing project.

Additional Services:
  • Floor Flatness Testing
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Condition Survey of Structures
  • Thermal Image Scanning